Welly Merck NATO Strap Watches

Do you know about what a NATO strap is? Whether or not, you've definitely seen one. A trend that has aggressively taken hold of the watch industry, NATOs can be found on just about any watch from $169 Welly Merck to $10,000 Rolex Submariners to $50,000 Patek Philippes. Some watch enthusiasts may mock at the idea … Continue reading Welly Merck NATO Strap Watches

Welly Merck Classic Los Angeles watch review — Steve Cuplain

For quite a while I was searching for a young fashion watch with navy blue strap. Happens that the same time the guys in Welly Merck told me that they will send a gorgeous watch to me, that's really good and I took a quick browse through their website and saw that they were pretty much right. … Continue reading Welly Merck Classic Los Angeles watch review — Steve Cuplain

Daniel Wellington Watches

Inspired by a British gentleman’s many great stories, classic and timeless style of fashion, Daniel Wellington (abbreviated as DW), a watch brand which features minimalist look, refined and classic design with interchangeable straps was created in Sweden in 2011. Dedicated to design a watch that goes well with any outfit and is suitable for almost … Continue reading Daniel Wellington Watches