Welly Merck NATO Strap Watches

Do you know about what a NATO strap is? Whether or not, you’ve definitely seen one. A trend that has aggressively taken hold of the watch industry, NATOs can be found on just about any watch from $169 Welly Merck to $10,000 Rolex Submariners to $50,000 Patek Philippes. Some watch enthusiasts may mock at the idea of integrating the $35 strap with the expensive timepiece,  but NATOs are a creative, functional and quickly interchangeable way to show off your lifestyle.





To me, a wristwatch is something which should be simple, timeless and with diverse styles. Rather than hand down the watches to my children, I view NATO watch as special pieces which I can pick out every style of my personality.

When Welly Merck introduced their beautiful collections of NATO watches to me, I was thrilled! Welly Merck instantly caught my attention because the watches offer timeless appeal, with easy interchangeable NATO strap, and a story. I am soon falling in love.

Welly Merck watches offer a combination of modern innovation of 4 o’clock position crown, with precision manufacturing, which when combined with crystal sapphire glass, and especially handmade weaving NATO straps, creating a beautiful timepiece that will last for years. All of the Welly Merck watches are waterproofed to room; which means you can swim freely! Pretty love that!

I absolutely appreciated my Welly Merck Nato strap watch. The watch are not only classic, high quality, it could be customized to fit individual tastes. There are several straps to choose from, you can choose one or more straps to wear with the watch face. This gives everybody an endless array of watch styles to dress up. Pretty love!

I am looking forward to pairing the Welly Merck watch with more spring outfits, such as the style wearing in the photos above, I’m also expecting to wear it in summer vacations and pair with summer outfits, even autumn and winter will be followed, this is a watch to wear forever.

There are more NATO  watch styles by Welly Merck online. There are more Welly Merck NATO strap watch style I hope to share with you.




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