Welly Merck Classic Los Angeles watch review — Steve Cuplain

For quite a while I was searching for a young fashion watch with navy blue strap. Happens that the same time the guys in Welly Merck told me that they will send a gorgeous watch to me, that’s really good and I took a quick browse through their website and saw that they were pretty much right. The Classic Los Angeles looked exactly in my fashion list.

The release from Welly Merck Classic Los Angeles SLW watch represents youth, fashion, preppy and sporty style and is suitable from everyday life.

Many new watches now have these preppy style straps as original equipment. If you want a way to augment your watch collection for youth and fashion and also celebrate your love of versatile patterns, then you can pick yourself up this blue, white and red-colored NATO-style watch.


The Welly Merck Classic Los Angeles SLW is named after American city Los Angeles, and without doubt, it’s a smart dress watch. It is said that the preppy style firstly originated from American universities, so the name of the watch hits the spot. Measuring in at 36mm(women’s) in diameter, and very thin 6mm thick, it is extremely easy to fit under the shirt cuff of gentlemen who love to wear a suit or jacket, resulting in an easy, comfortable and unobtrusive wear. With a lug width of a very popular and suitable 18mm, it’s easy to switch the strap with an endless selection of others. A watch for youth, fashion, preppy style and for every day life aims to be subtle, elegant and simple. The Welly Merck Classic Angeles SLW has achieved it.

I sincerely appreciate the aesthetics and technically amazing design. In fact, the highlight of this timepiece is a simple, blued readable display of the time on the outside, powered by a Swiss movement, constructed with colorful NATO strap. Above all, the blue dial is seldom applied in watch design, as we all known, when a thing is rare, it becomes precious. When wearing it in the street, you probably will become the focus of the crowd, your individual lifestyle is presented inadvertently.

To a wearer who pursues timekeeping legibility, horological beauty, wrist comfort and preppy style above all, then the Classic Los Angeles SLW is what he is looking for.


The hour and minute hands are in silver steel, they perfectly aligned with the outer edge of the silver case, which measures a modest but contemporary 36 mm (women’s) in diameter. It has a slim, stepped bezel surrounding the slightly convex sapphire crystal that features high hardness. The crown, engraved on its head with the Welly Merck logo, is grooved and suitably small, but clearly. The good news is, you shouldn’t worry the trouble grasping the crown when moving your hands.

The colored sporty, preppy style strap will get young people and fashionista noticed in an instant, especially the interchangeable feature. So, this watch is an ideal one for someone that represents youth, fashion. Not only is the watch attractive to look at, but if you pick one for someone as a present then you know you’ll see your gift on his wrist for vigour of youth and optimistic attitude. As the individual taste plays an important role, watches are in a person as a status symbol and should underline perfectly the character of the wearer: fashion-conscious people always geared to the new trends, so greatest emphasis is placed on preppy style pieces by young people and fashionista.


Which featured design plugged in such a small watch, is now known. Surprisingly, however, that despite sophisticated technologies and the design does not fall by the wayside and people can look forward to high-quality and fine watches is – because only with the matching watch feels a person dressed really. It’s interesting to see the Classic Angeles SLW matched with various outfits. I can already imagine such a timepiece on his and hers wrists!

Get yours now: Welly Merck Classic Los Angeles watch


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