Where the fashion happens – Welly Merck Classic Paris RWB

Sometimes people are not satisfied with available options, despite the outcome, they decide to create something on their own, even in a crowded space, but Welly Merck has crafted a watch worthy of his own style. Based with simplicity, elegance and a little bit of vintage style, the Classic Paris RWB, a classic look for a dress watch was released. I find myself preferring rose golden hour and minute hands on the white dial, as it is a nice bit of color. Let’s have a look if the watch is worthy of your time.


Starting with a 316L stainless steel case, personally speaking, quality overwhelms time. Both male and female are target groups as main focus of interest, the Classic Paris RWB 42mm is launched along with 36mm. Large enough for him, small enough for her. For those who want to buy couple watches for the Valentine’s Day, this initially drew their attention.

One of the first things you will notice with this piece is the white dial and rose golden two hands, which is perfectly suitable for the theme of the Valentine’s Day, creating a warm atmosphere. The black logo, legibility-boosting markers and clean white dial provide harmonious contrast.


Around the dial is a rose golden stainless steel, and there is a crown at 4 o’clock. The 4 o’clock position crown is a selling point of the timepiece and can be divisible for watch enthusiasts. Obviously, the wearers are provided with a more comfortable and practical wearing experience. Besides, the dial is covered with sapphire crystal to ensure resistance and toughness as well as aesthetic appearance. It is rated for a 3 ATM water resistance, but it’s more of a dress watch than anything, works fine in an elegant sense. The Classic Paris RWB is powered with Swiss Ronda 762 movement which offers nice power reserve.


One other thing that may not be immediately apparent about the minimal wristwatch is the fact that it is super thin, with a thickness of 6mm. Basically, that means that you’ll get a comfortable fit on the wrist, of course, in general case, there is no worries about getting stuck on the sleeve. A dark brown interchangeable Italy genuine strap was used to connected with the watch header, making it easy to change your look without having to get your kit out. If you’re tired with one strap, do some change with another, you’ll get a new feeling. With one watch and several straps in hand, you’ll make incredible and amazing possibilities. This is just a watch lover that decided to make a piece they wanted to wear.


As for the overlook of the Classic Paris RWB, it reminds me somewhat of minimalistic design, classic look, elegance and vintage style. At any rate, I happen to really love this plain dial, it is a thing of beauty. Comfortable and light enough, sometimes you may forget that you have it on. In a world of giant watches, complicated variety, it’s also great to see something original that keeps distance from complexity.

In conclusion, the Classic Paris RWB spirit is a watch for those who want something unique, simple and have a fondness for a bit vintage style.


On the wrist, I found the watch works as a piece to wear in many occasions and stand out for several styles of fashion. It never goes out of style seeing such a classy watch on your hand. I am sure, you’ll be taken with it when glimpsing at it.

Shop now at their Indiegogo campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-world-s-first-thinnest-strongest-super-watch-watches-design/x/15103764

Or someone could go their official website to look for the beloved one: www.wellymerck.com

Some more presentation of the Welly Merck Classic Paris RWB watch:


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