The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for 2017

The mood of Valentine’s Day has been scattered in this new year of 2017, what kind of gift would you prefer to choose for your lover? Personalized flowers, jewelry and sweet chocolate are always good Valentine’s gift ideas for girls. You may also find many more great apparel and accessories for your best love, but the following gift maybe the best Valentine’s Day gift for 2017.

Have you ever heard about Welly Merck? It’s a love story of American boy Merck and Switzerland girl Welly. During a trip in Italy, Merck met a girl named Welly, who is from a traditional Switzerland watch-making family.

The two fell in love at first sight, unfortunately, they soon had to travel back after the trip. However their affection and passion continued though in distance and departure. Distance and differences didn’t fade their hope on plan for future. Though suffered a lot, they overcame various difficulties with the blessing of friends and relatives, Merck came to Switzerland and finally married his beloved girl Welly.


The best Valentine’s gift is the love based on lovers. WellyMerck watch is a symbol of timeless love, especially the Classic Paris series with light brown Italy genuine leather strap, moreover, the Sapphire Crystal glass is true beautiful wearing for lovers, the elegant rose golden case and simple watch face manifest a modern union of fashion and quality, with love, everything is possible, with love, everything is beautiful.


Many people choose this Welly Merck watch to memory their anniversary, the sweet story usually revoked by the melting gift. Good news here, at now the Welly Merck team are holding an Indiegogo campaign to give all lovers a preferential price of WellyMerck watches, or you could visit their official website to choose the numerous styles for your best love.

Pictures of  the Classic Paris 42mm series:




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