Wedding watches that you cannot afford to miss

One boss at a cabinet company takes 800-plus employees on Caribbean cruise in January 9-13 as a thank-you. As the holiday season is almost over, we approach the end of 2016 and the wedding season is upon us, what is the best gift for brides and grooms? It is common for the brides and grooms to give each other a ring. But if you prefer something sophisticated and luxurious that can be kept or worn for decades, and will last for generations, reminding the two of their course of falling in love, then a watch is a perfect selection.

Baume & Mercier HAMPTON – 10033


Hampton 1003, a red gold and rectangular watch for men, the timepiece features a classic and elegant look, from one generation to the next, the Hampton watch does not lose its modernity. This collection timepiece combines dynamic lines with sophisticated curves, and adheres to all the design features of the historic watch model. The watch makes your heartfelt message last a lifetime and creates unforgettable impression.

Special moments are most treasured only when shared with those near and dear ones. Wedding is one such a time that bring people together, binds them for a life time full of happiness, love and prosperity. Sonata launches wedding watch collection for brides and grooms to cherish their love.

Sonata Wedding Analog Watch for Men


This analog watch for men has a silver, rectangular dial, enclosed in a brass case. A crown lets you adjust the time. A day and date indicator is present on the dial, along with an Arabic numeral marking and stick indicators. Held by a special three piece sliding clasp, its strap is made of sheet metal and is yellow plated.

White Dial Metal Strap Watch 8114YM03


This analog watch for women consists of white dial enclosed within a rectangular-shaped brass case. The dial has golden designs at five minutes interval for easy time reading. A crown lets you adjust time. The golden strap is made of stainless steel.

Perhaps the above watches are too expensive for you or somewhat ostentatious, then another watch brand Welly Merck is a fine choice. The brand starts from a love story between the creator Merck and his wife Welly. They build their own watch brand Welly Merck to memorize their permanent love. With classy and dressy looks that have endured for decades, with a case back that made of all 316 stainless steel, the Welly Merck watches for men and women can withstand heavy knocks and the case is delivered with a leather, mesh or a NATO strap. The following are elegant timepiece with mesh straps, forming an incredible view. Personally speaking,  give the Welly Merck watch gift will sure bring bride and groom new surprise.


What are your desired wedding watches? Welcome to join us and discuss this topic with us!



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