Signs Of A Quality Watch Below $300

Since there are too many fashionable watches can be of choice, many watch lovers would wonder how to choose a quality watch below $300, hereby we’d like to introduce some points to pick out the appropriate watches.


High-level craftmanship requires more time, effort and attention to details. While general watches are mass produced and quickly manufactured.

Sapphire Crystal

A watch crystal is the transparent cover over the face of the watch and the quality of a watch can be seen in the quality of the crystal. Crystals have been made using different materials, there are 3 types of crystals that have been used in various qualities of watches: mineral glass, plastic/acrylic glass and sapphire crystal. Lower quality watches generally use the mineral glass crystals, for mineral crystal is cheaper. Acrylic glass is very difficult to break, but  the scratches can be buffed out easily. Sapphire crystal is relatively rare, is difficult to shatter, and requires diamond or sapphire tip to scratch them. Thus, sapphire crystal is a perfect and desirable marriage with quality watches and it is an essential element that a quality watch should be.

Solid metal construction

A quality steel watch should be made from all 316L stainless steel. Moreover, the watch case and bracelet links should be solid pieces of metal too. It is easy to tell if a bracelet is solid by inspecting the side of it and noticing if looks like one solid piece.

The movement

As we all known that Switzerland is very famous for making high quality watch movements. Japan is also good at making movements, but differences exist. Generally speaking, Swiss movements come from ETA – or Ronda, especially if they are quartz movements (though this is not always the case). Japanese quartz movements typically come from makers such as Seiko, Citizen, and Casio. However, Swiss movements are highly regarded as having the best quality, and Swiss quartz watches have s remarkable reputation of being reliable, accurate, water resistant and shock resistant.

Watch straps

The best metal strap is constructed with all 316L stainless steel and the best leather strap is made of Italian genuine leather.


A good watch maker is more often than not a proud watch maker, and is fully invested in each watch they design. They will pay more attention to use experience, such as design a crown at the direction of 4 pm to provide a comfortable wearing experience.

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