5 Watches We Want For New Year

Whether you’ve scheduled a budget of 150 US dollars or 1500 US dollars to spend, a well placed piece of wristwatch is always appreciated on New Year’s Day. Here are 5 fashionable watches we want for new year.

1. www.mvmtwatches.com

MVMT watches, changed the way we think about fashion by offering high-quality minimalist products at a revolutionary price since 95 US dollars.


2. www.wellymerck.com

Swiss design and great color combination of colorful dial and stainless steel case is the first thing to notice on this beautiful watch brand, moreover, the WellyMerck watch is also thin and very comfortable.


3. www.shoreprojects.com

Founded by a group of youths and inspired by the seaside, Shore Projects is a relative newcomer to the affordable luxury watch market.


4. www.larssonandjennings.com

Partner with Swedish design, the beauty of the watches is that they cater for a wide variety of people, and locally sourced leather from Anglo-Swedish tanneries combine with hand-finished metals to guarantee premium detailing and durability.


5. https://kapten-son.com/en/

Three students in Muenster Germany founded a watch brand – Kapten & Son that offers timepieces built to exacting quality designs for modern men and women yet still rooted in classic designs.


At last, enjoy your time and happy New Year’s Day in advance!

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