Do you prefer to wear a watch on the left wrist or on the right?

Have you ever imagined that if you have a watch in hand, do you prefer to wear it on your left wrist or right wrist? Perhaps you have never considered this problem, just wear it unconscious. I think this topic is very interesting, so let’s come and have a look at different opinions.

One opinion I have heard of is, it’s a custom that men will wear it on left hand and women will wear it on right hand; same is the case with clothing. Men’s shirt and women shirt’s have buttons in opposite way. When watches came into existence with belts so that rich people can tie it on their hand, it was a status symbol. Once men started wearing, rich women products came after it. Usually, rich women used to had servants( lady servants may be !) Who will dress them. Rich English women used to have hand fan with them as well which they used to keep it in their left hand mostly. Hence, either the servants decided this trend or those ladies must have.


Some hold the view that the vast majority of people choose their non-dominant hand, that is to say people tend to wear a watch on the opposite hand they use, because in this way the watch doesn’t get in the way. So, for right handed people it would be their left hand and vice versa, regardless if they were male or female, it is all up to the wearer. One notable exception case is that EMTs on duty tend to wear their watch “upside down” on the palm side of the right wrist; this is because this place the watch face up when they’re reading a patient’s wrist pulse while patients are lying down on a gurney.


Some people choose to wear a timepiece on the left wrist. They suppose that the reason become evident if you look at any watch. The crown for adjusting the time is on the right side, and it’s simply much easier to change the time if you wear it on your left hand, rather than right. Apart from this reason, the wearing of watch on the left wrist has other practical advantages. For most right-handed people, the time in the watch on the left wrist can be easily seen. Moreover, because of the lesser movement of the left hand, damage to the watch is also minimized.


Actually, a ton of people seem to wear a watch on their off-hand wrist just because it will prevent them from injuring themselves and damaging during activities. Furthermore, the watches meant to be worn on the right wrist have their screw thing (used to set the time) on the left of dial to make it an easy task. In case of watches for the left wrist, you’ll find that screw on the right of the dial.

Simon Grunander  1.JPG

Particular culture also affects the phenomenon of wearing a watch. For example, in Vietnam, women used to wear watch with its face on the lower wrist, and men wear it with the surface on the upper wrist.


There is also one point that can not be ignored, the habit. One said that he wore the watch on his right just because when he was a child he saw everyone else had it on the left and he was trying to be different. And then its just a habit.

Despite the custom, gender specifics, habit, convenience, given that a watch is a personal lifestyle, I do hope people wear it according to their personal preference. One can totally breakthrough conventional thought, just show his own fashion statement.

One thought on “Do you prefer to wear a watch on the left wrist or on the right?

  1. My story is funny. I was in first grade 1984. Back then (I think Swatch just launched) just everyone wore a watch. I got my first watch and wore it left, I guess my parents told me to do so.
    At school then someone had an idea. We all should be different from the rest and wear the watch right. It first was that only 2 wore right, the rest left. And person having the idea wore left himself.
    Quite soon everyone had his watch on the right. It was huge group pressure.
    I got used to it quite fast. Quite soon I even liked it better. And it was a funny feeling that all 25 students had the watch on the right.
    We recently had a reunion. And of course the watch thing came up too. Result, some don’t wear them anymore. But I didn’t spot anyone who switched back to the left.
    My whole family wears right. My wife, she also was in that class. And my four kids.
    2 twins 8, one 14 and one 16. Three just copied us. One actually came home with a watch on the left and the other kids told him to wear it right.
    I am fully convinced right as more practical, comfortable and looks better. It just take a little to get adjusted to it.


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