What motivates young people to buy a simplistic and fashionable watch, rather than a complex one

My observation of recent years is that there is a lot of enthusiasm for simplistic and fashionable watches among the rising generation. Why people prefer to own a minimal and styling watch rather than a complicated one? Today, I’d like to get into an analysis.

First of all, quite a number of complex watches are overpriced. Most young people today cannot afford a complex watch nor will they spend too much money on a watch. Complex mechanical watches probably are too expensive for a young man who is in his 20s and studying age. They are rational to choose a simple watch for checking time.



Secondly, simplistic watches are usually constructed with a big dial that is easy to read. People are trending towards simpler watches just because they are easier to read.


Thirdly, a simplistic and fashionable watch has two functions — it works and it looks great. Maybe many young people who wear watch see a watch only as a device for telling time. For knowing the day, date, leap year, moonphase, etc.  They will go to another device. Yes, they could get the time from that other device, but a watch is the quintessential time-telling device. They may not think of a watch as a machine for knowing the time and the current phase of the moon. Besides, they regard a watch as a fashion accessory. In the past, people worn ties, but modern young people in large do not have these ties. There is also an emotional bond, an appreciation of an art.


Fourthly, a greater percentage of people like complex watch but looks amazingly simple. They think the world around us is so chaotic, it’s nice to look at something simple every now and then. Perhaps those who wear simpler watches like to be grounded in a world that has become quite complex with the internet, smart phones, social networks, fake news, etc. Minimal watches remind them that even in the absence of all the technology we have today, man was able to craft these time-keeping miracles that keep time accurately within seconds per day, and create art that stirs the heart.


Last but not least, young people are usually motivated by marketing and peer pressure…to wear what they wear more than by conscious decision making.

simple watch.jpg

Despite all kinds of opinions, we have to admit that the trendy for simplism and fashion is biting into the watch market.



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