For watch lovers, what’s their favorites except for watch?

We love watches, from expensive Patek Philippe to high end Rolex to fashionable watches, many have a great collection to match their outfit in every occasion, but for them, what’s their favorites except for watch, we did an investigation in Timezone forum.

There are many people choose the chess, an activity full of wisdom and challenge. One of them showed that he had been fascinated in this game for about fifty years, a perennial hobby accompany within his life, it is said that time is stand for the timeless, while chess is a symbol of time.

This board game of encirclement has fascinated me for about fifty years now. The three top countries are China, Korea and Japan, where it is known as resp. wei-qi, baduk and go. What you see on the picture is not a game in progress, but a difficult problem where it is Black’s move and he is supposed to live against the best attack. And yes, my two twin watches serve as symbols for black and white.


Instead of focus on the chess setup, I’m shocked by his persistence in chess for fifty years. Additionally, I was also shocked by the beauty of the picture provided by Kokoro, who is also a experienced watch amateur. diamond-head-rev-sat-final

Since we wear limited jewelry, a watch is an expression of personality. The best wristwatches are simple, versatile, sophisticated and classic. However, our life is not only with watches, we have other hobbies as also, what’s your favorites except for watch? Tell us below.

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