Wonderful military watches of 2016

On Sunday a group of liberal students at Hampshire College successfully got US flag removed from campus, then 1,000 military veterans showed up, they gathered in Amherst, MA to teach the students a lesson. For many veterans, the flag means a lot to them.

Veterans and soldiers are directly related with many things, they play an important role in many aspects of our life. It is said that men’s wristwatches have their roots in military watches. During the end of 19th century, watches were specifically made for women as an accessory, they were first worn on the wrist of men by soldiers in battlefields, for practical life and death reason, men had to wear what was considered accessory for women.

Over one century, to this day military watches have continued to evolve and develop, have continued to attract the attention of men all over the world. Hereby, I’ll talk with you on several nice military watches for 2016.

Luminox launched its new Fall 2016 models, including the new CARBON SEAL 3800 series, the line of ANU timepieces, the redesigned F-117 Nighthawk 6420 series, the Dress Field 1830 series and the XCOR Valjoux model.

Luminox CARBON SEAL 3800 series XS 3801

Carbon has been part of the Luminox line-up for more than a decade, but never like this.In the new Carbon SEAL 3800 series, the case is made of a compound using 40% Carbon in bar form. This amount of carbon changes everything, making the case lighter (three times lighter than titanium), more durable, exceedingly hypoallergenic, more scratch resistant than most other materials and more chemical and heat resistant.


Luminox XCOR 5261

XCOR 5261 is the first automatic chronograph in the space series. Made for space and created with input from astronauts and test pilots, the XCOR 5261 features the ultra-reliable valjoux automatic chronograph movement and the added advantage of Luminox technology for maximum visibility in all light conditions, including the pitch black darkness of space.


Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch

The Suunto Core combines an altimeter, barometer, depth measurement, compass and sunrise, sunset indicators together. The Altimeter determines your current elevation, track your ascent or descent and gauge your overall progress on a climb, it is ideal for mountaineers, hikers and wilderness travelers. The barometer helps you forecast the situation of weather by keeping a close eye on the air pressure trend. The compass provides you with navigate and pinpoint locations to safely find your way through wilderness. Sunrise and sunset indicators are key features that you are going to find on the core. The watch is designed to ensure your safety and be your reliable companion wherever you go.


The night vision infantry men’s military army sport quartz

Cool looking inexpensive watch, has a rugged different look. An analogue-digital Japanese Quartz Movement was applied in the watch, besides, it was equipped with matte black electroplate finishing stainless steel case and bezel, anti-scratch glass and strong rubber strap. It combines digital chronograph with alarm, blue LCD background light and a stopwatch, day-date display and rotatable bezel. It is waterproof, with a depth of up to 30m. The night vision infantry men’s watch is sure to last not just the tests of time but also through whatever it may be that you want to put it through, it is perfect for those who prefer a durable and rugged timepiece for outdoor activities.

night vision.jpg

Casio PRW6000Y-1A Protrek

This Casio is one heck of a watch. I saw it while browsing Amazon, and instantly fell in love with it. It’s the most feature-packed watch I have by far, with everything from a thermometer to a barometer, to an altimeter, and compass. The design is something between elegant, military and sporty, the watch features a multi-function dial with analog and digital displays and day/month/date window. It is also equipped with a storm alarm which detects sudden changes in pressure and warns you about them. Power is provided by a solar rechargeable battery which can last 6 months and water resistant to 100m. The Casio PRW6000Y-1A Protrek is durable and reliable for Military use, law enforcement use, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, backpacking and hunting.

Casio PRW6000Y-1A Protrek.jpg

Seiko Men’s SNE331 Core Analog Japanese quartz Beige Solar Watch

The black solar-powered watch features stencil-like numerals and day/date window, you do not  need to worry about the problem of running out of power, it performs exceptionally well. It is perfect for those who prefer hardlex dial window and analog display. Nylon band with buckle closure is very secure and adds the reliability of the watch. It is waterproof, can ensure the function of the watch even you are in the depth of 100m. The Watch looks just like the picture. The Face is nice and the Seiko on the dial is raised up and adds a nice touch to the face of the watch, so everything is not flush like it was just painted on. It is suitable for wear and use in both professional as well as casual situations.


Well, the above is what we covered for the practical, functional and durable military watches of 2016. What do you have in mind? Do you have any to add? Welcome to join us for further discussion.

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