Why we wear a wrist watch?

As a perennial watch lover, I always wonder why we have to wear a wrist watch, to pursue the answer, I put a post on Timezone and there got a lot of feedback.

I personally own a wrist watch for no need to take out the cumbersome mobile phone and unlock, just lift up the hand, the time is presented in font of me. Moreover, I have been accustomed to wear a watch through my life, when outside without wearing a watch there will be a feeling something missing.

1(via WellyMerck)

While there are other reasons to wear a watch in daily time.

I was fascinated by watches since I was a kid, always wanted one. Got my first watch when I turned 10, I still remember that moment as one of the happiest of my life. Looking at your wrist watch is by far the quickest way to see what time it is, wherever you are, whatever you are doing: just put the watch on in the morning, never to have to think about it after doing so. I always liked my watch – later it became watches, that felt as betrayal at first – to be excellent and beautiful, it says something about me, and it makes me feel proud to be able to wear such an exceptional thing. I repeatedly just look at it without having the urge to know what time it is. Oh yes, beautiful, what time is it, by the way? I have to look again, great!

I only have 2 really nice automatic sport wristwatches, but for me I just like knowing what time and date it is at all times. It helps ground me to the world, but more importantly it’s useful for just knowing what time it is and the date is especially useful for signing contracts, etc. My two watches, a Rolex GMTIIc and a Patek Aquanaut Travel Time I keep set to local time and set a 2nd time zone to London. It’s useful for my work. Yes a phone can do all of this, but why bother when this tells me the vital information I want to know instantly.

In this day and age it’s also nice to have something you don’t need to plug into a wall socket each day to function. There’s no worrying about them, my watches can handle my active lifestyle just fine. They can get wet, I can rock climb and jet ski with them, and they just run for years and years without problem. A reminder of a time where the simplest solutions are just the best.

I don’t know anyone else that does this but I also like my watches because in this day and age where time seems to fly, I feel as though the seconds hands on my two watches just helps calm me down and slow the world down. If I feel life is too hectic I just stare at the second hand for one minute and it gives me a sense of the real passage of time and gives me a sense of just how long a minute actually is. It’s incredibly meditative and I recommend trying it.

Interestingly, there are also some replies made a laughing point.

Easier and cheaper to store and service than cars.

To support my local economy.

More replies please go http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=rview&goto=7357842#msg_7357842

Anyway, it seems that the whole life can not be without watches for crazy lovers, indeed, there still has a group of Maniac to make the wristwatches essential in daily life, that’s good news. How about your attitude about wearing a wristwatch, let us know below.

One thought on “Why we wear a wrist watch?

  1. We kinda „motivated“ our kids to wear a watch. At first grade, they get their first watch.
    And basically the rule is “If you want a cell phone you must keep wearing the watch”. So they play less with the phone.
    And they all like it and find it practical. Even most of their friends don’t wear one.


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