Leading a leisure lifestyle

“Leisure is only a problem in a society in which education is aimed at adjusting the individual to society instead of bringing out and developing the potentialities in him irrespective of whether they can be translated into hard cash or wages.”

– unsigned editorial in Freedom magazine

Busy modern people are easily trapped in high pressure and stress. Every individual, whether you are an employee, a student or a business man, to be a main bread-winner in the family, to get so-called enjoyment lifestyle, many people become sub-health crowd. You may choose sleep to recover your muscles and mind, but sleep is absolutely not a good way to relax, for it is not suitable for everyone.

To reach a real leisure lifestyle, what we should do is to change the content of activities. You may choose to to play, read, develop your other hobbies and interests. When you do all such activities, you’ll feel the excitement of doing them in a productive manner. Take full advantages of your time can not only help you get real relax for the body and soul but also be very satisfying. Here are a few methods on how to make your leisure time more productive.


If you have some time off I do suggest you to take a trip with your friends or family members and experience with them what life has offered. Traveling gives you the opportunity to disconnect from your regular life, it is nice to relax yourself. What’s more, travelling will increase your knowledge and widen your perspective. Travelling with your friends or beloved one will help you create good memories for lifetime. Over some years, when you look back on these days, you will realize that you happily spent some time together.



Take a walk along one road, where you have never been there till the end of the street. You’ll find one moment to stay away from daily hassles. You’ll realize that maybe you have not totally experienced the beauty of the city. The roadside flowers are blooming alone, beauty lies in every corner of the city.


Develop your hobbies

One of the best productive way of utilizing your spare time is to make the most advantages of what you are skilled to distract yourself from tired things. Such as clean up your belongings, reading some books and take some pictures outside. Do some cleaning work at home, like cleaning your backyard garden, washing some clothes. This not only helps you remain cleanliness but also helps you create a comfortable space. Reading your favorite collections, books, magazines while equally you will obtain knowledge. Enjoy reading, for it helps you to keep inner peace.



Try to contact those, with whom you haven’t met or talked for a long time, try to know what happened to them these days. You ought to keep pace with the latest information on them, may be you will find something interesting from them.


Stay healthy

Your work may keep you busy all the time and you tend to ignore your health. It makes big sense to do some useful exercise for your body and mind. Take a riding, run through the jogging track or go to the gym.


It is about time for you to find a way rest yourself. That’s what we want, that’s what we’ve waiting for.

7 thoughts on “Leading a leisure lifestyle

  1. It’s hard to stop for a rest when working on the high speed. Watch is a reminder to call on us to have a rest for better working. Also like travel.


    • No matter how busy we are, we ought to spare some time for ourselves, change current situation to enjoy more interesting things


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