Which kinds of watches do politicians of the USA and Russia prefer to wear

November is an amazing time when grand festivals and big event happen to be. As a powerful country, the 2016 Election for President of the United States is no more an event to the people of USA. No matter where you are, there is no way for you to evade your attention for the big Election. Though the Election ended last week with the result that Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton, the two still climb the top of the hot list in recent days.

Today we may also look at what watches these two wear to check time and what Russian politicians wear to keep time.

As we all known that one’s taste in wristwatch reveal something about the personality of the person who choose to wear it, there is no exception when it comes to state leaders.

Let’s begin from Hilary Clinton, as Democratic Party nominee, former Secretary of State and former Senator, she used to wear Chanel J12 white Ceramic, she is also a fan of Rolex Day-Date. The two timepieces go well with her mainstay and pretty safe image.





A few days ago, Barack Obama hosted Donald Trump at White House for first meeting after election, soon the powerful person will end his career as an president of the USA for the moment. We found Obama has exclusive watch collections, from TAG Heuer series to Jorg Gray chronograph, plastic sports watch for vacations, recreation and other casual events.





In addition to politician, Donald Trump owns other status, as a real estate billionaire and media personality, he has his own signature collection and totally has the ability to brand anything he can get his hands on. The future president of the USA is often seeing wearing a Rolex Daytona and TAG Heuer Monaco.

trump and hillary2.jpg




While many world leader watched the USA election result with confusion and horror, Russia hopes a Trump presidency will mean less lecturing from the west and may be a chance to improve the relationship with the United State. On president campaign, Donald Trump more than once expressed that he admires the powerful image of Russia President Vladimir Putin. On Monday this week, Vladimir Putin called the US president-elect to congratulate him. So, which kinds of watches do Putin prefer to wear?

He is considered as the world leader with the most serious watch fetish, his watch collection is valued at $700,000, which is almost 7 times of his official annual salary. The famous watch rand on his wrist are including A. Lang & Sohne, Breguet and Blancpain, Patek Philippe.

Vladimir Putin wearing one of his expensive watch




As a good partner of Putin, we have to mention Current Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is an activity on social media platform. He also has a favor for luxury timepieces and is often seen wearing an LG watch phone. Some time ago, Vedvedev replaced the Apple Watch smart watches the Swiss Swatch company, the cost of the new gadget does not exceed $100.





For many people, timepieces are one of the few ways to show off personal style, and there is no different for politicians, from some aspects, a state leader’s taste in watches may reflect the national characteristics behind him. What do you think about the opinion?

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