Several fantastic reasonable priced watches

If you crave horological history, luxury experience with reasonable price, then pop over to what follows in the passage.

1. Timex

The story of TIMEX date back to 1854, for generations, TIMEX devoted to crafting quality, value and timeless style. With over 160 years of innovation, TIMEX has bitten into the watch market share for a long time, it is famous for its watchmaking expertise, especially for practical and functional sports watch, which is considered as the perfect combination of technology and design.


With a classic analog dial and bold unique strap, you can see for yourself why this look has stood the test of time. $75 priced watch surely gives you lust worthy feel.

2. Accurist

Created in 1946 by Loftus and his wife Rebecca, they felt that there was a gap in the UK watch market, for a brand that combined Swiss made quality parts with a distinctive style and competitive prices, at the same time providing longer guarantees. In the 1960S, through an advertisement in a TV show, Accurist became one of the most famous watch brand in the UK, and Accurist was one of the first manufacturers that brought fashion into the watch industry. Having developed for half an century, Accurist presents us an extraordinary story in horological industry.


This priced £85 bold timepiece features an eye catching blue dial and remote second hand. The adjustable stainless steel Milanese bracelet is the perfect accent to your outfit.

3. Orient

Orient was established in 1950 as a consistent maker of exceptional watches. From mechanical watches to quartz watches, Orient continues to provide unique, advanced products that anticipate trends.


If you’re looking for a slim, reliable, and modern watch, the Orient Class Collection should do the trick. It costs $195.

4. Bulova

Founed in 1875 by Joseph Bulova, the American brand is known for innovation, craftsmanship and advanced technology. Bulova is a recognized leader in diamond and high-performance sport timekeeping, with a wide range of watches for dress, sport and casual wear.


Crafted of the finest materials, including hypoallergenic 316L solid stainless steel, a classic watch with silver-white sunray dial, second hand, and black leather strap is sold at a price of $199.

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