Larsson & Jennings Watches

Last time we covered a simple, classic and affordable America watch brand MVTM, hereby we’d like to bring a very similar simplistic style watch brand which is the part Swedish, part British co-project Larsson & Jennings. Founded in 2012, Larsson & Jennings started with a contemporary craftsmanship and style carrying classic design to create harmony watches between art and precision.


Partner with Swiss manufactures, the beauty of the watches is that they cater for a wide variety of people, and locally sourced leather from Anglo-Swedish tanneries combine with hand-finished metals to guarantee premium detailing and durability.


Opening the first brick-and-mortar store in London has attracted the wide range of the customers, which is just one of the reasons Larsson & Jennings hopes to open in the following years. Nowadays Larsson & Jennings is stocked in over 100 luxury retail destinations globally, across an extensive online network and has own-brand stores in London and New York with further openings scheduled for 2016.

2 thoughts on “Larsson & Jennings Watches

  1. For there are too many brands focus on this minimalistic watch style now, such as Daniel Wellington, MVMT watches, WellyMerck, Larsen. where’s the difference among them?


    • Actually they are a lot of differences, such the ordinary glass of Daniel Wellington, 4 pm Crown position of WellyMerck, the lower price of MVMT watches, which to choose is depend on what’s your style.


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