Which kind of watches do female celebrities wear

It seems that the influence of female celebrities is far more than we can imagine. In recent days, the so-called “Choi-gate” and “Email gate” swept across the world, the leading characters of the events, Park Geun-hye and Hillary Clinton shocked the whole world. As a result, all things, which are related to them are disclosed by the public. The events again proved that celebrity effect can not be ignored.

Wristwatches are regarded as a symbol of status, what’s more, they are fashion accessories, especially for female celebrities, who are fond of beauty by nature. As public figures, what they wear on the wrists often arouse passion and attention. That why female celebrities are usually appointed as ambassadors of famous watch brand.

Female celebrities wear the brands they love, let have a glimpse of their favorite watches.

1. Kelly Clarkson with BETTER STARTS NOW


Founded in 1930, Citizen conveys a deep respect toward craftsmanship, adheres to fusion of technology and beauty. Kelly Clarkson, Grammy Award winner, was thrilled to be a part of the Better Starts Now campaign for Citizen.

2. Indian Beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Longines


Considered by many as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has superbly embodied the Longines slogan “Elegance is an attitude” for more than ten years.

3. Supermodel Bar Refaeli with Hublot Big Bang Broderie

Supermodel Bar Refaeli.jpg

Internationally renowned, Bar Refaeli became the face of New Hublot Big Bang Broderie Campaign.

4. Carmen Jorda with Bell & Ross


New ambassador for new feminine watch. Carmen Jorda captivated Bell & Ross with her strong and charismatic personality. She has shown her perseverance, professionalism and determination to Bell & Ross, who has decided to choose her as the face of its feminine line.

5. Actress Nicole Kidman with OMEGA

Nicole Kidman and omega.jpg

Nicole Kidman is regarded as one of the finest actresses in the world. With a flair for fashion, Nicole Kidman not only inspires anyone who loves retro glamour, she also solves an apparent paradox: the timelessness of artful timekeeping.

6. Padukone with Tissot


The young and up coming actress Padukone has been in partnership with Tissot for six years.

It never goes out of style seeing a nice watch on a woman’s wrist, for quality watch embodies personality and elegance. Female celebrities are more willing to choose a stunning watch, which goes well with her personal style. In a commercial society, the influence of female celebrities can not be ignored.

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