Casio Watches

Envisioning a world, no one has ever seen, the Japanese company, Casio, which is famous throughout the world for its reliable and enduring big watches, was founded in 1957, in Tokyo, by Tadao Kashio. Casio became an important part of the watch-making industry When entered into the timepiece business in the 1970s, as a brand of a number of delicate timepieces.


In 1974, Casio developed its first model, a digital wristwatch called Casiotron which featured automatic calendar. Casio began making timepieces only after the electronic watch revolution, however, its calculator manufacturer experience provided technical expertise. The shock-resistant G-Shock watch collection,  debuted in 1983, overturned the widely accepted conception of what a watch is. The design team of G-Shock produced more than 200 prototypes at first, two years later, the first G-Shock watch came out. 13 years after the first G-Shock lunched Casio finally developed what it envisioned was the Casio G-Shock for business people with the MR-G collection in 1996, accompanied with a metal case and bracelet.


Up to now, a grand amount of more than 87 million G-Shock watches have been shipped worldwide, moreover, with the addition of the Baby-G watch for women, there has exceed 120 million unites.



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