Six male celebrities with their watches

Watches symbolize elegance, prestige and quality. Nowadays, big watch brands have been seeking for movie stars, sport stars or celebrities as their ambassadors. This strong-strong union is considered as one of the best marketing methods. Both the watch brand and the celebrity benefit from each other, for star or celebrity effects greatly accelerate product sales, accordingly, through brand effects, the reputation and statue of stars or celebrities are advanced to another level. Have you ever wondered what kind of watches are most popular among male celebrities? Let us take a look at it.

1. Obama with Shinola


On many occasions, when walking, speaking, Obama was often seen to check time with his watches, it is said that he usually showed off or repeatedly mentioned his wristwatch to reporters. One time, while speaking at the United Auto Workers-General Motors Center for Human Resources, he even pointed to his Shinola watch. We have to admit, he is a best salesman.

2.Tom Cruise with Bremont ALT1-C watch


Tom Cruise, the brightest star among Hollywood male actors, ascended to the sky in 80s. What he wears in the movies and in real life have long been a separate topic for discussion. He regularly wears a Bremont model – a relatively young watch brand.

3.Novak Djokovic with Audemars Piguet


Novak Djokovic, a talented man who is currently ranked world number one in men’s singles tennis by ATP, is considered one of the greatest tennis player of all time. He was pointed as the ambassador of Audemars Piguet.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio with Tag Heuer


Tag heuer became the lucky brand that attracted the attention of the well-known actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

5. James Bond with Omega Seamaster


As the world’s most famous secret agent 007, since 1995, Omega Seamaster watches have become the selection on James Bond’s wrist. The story between Omega and 007 has been widely spread among the movie fans and loyalists of Omega.

6. Chen Kun with Baume & Mercier


Famous Chinese actor Chen Kun was appointed as Baume & Mercier’s latest global brand ambassador, he was considered as the best match for Baume & Mercier, as Chen ceaselessly pursues a classic, elegant style and understated sense, and the Swiss brand share the same values.

Celebrities are delighted to wear state – of – the – art watches, they enjoy the conviviality, brough from famous timepieces, for high-end watches represent honorable statue. Meanwhile, through the influence of celebrities, watch brands are more easily to bite into the market share and consolidate their leading position.


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