The 10 Creative Watches On Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo

If you could get a watch at a preferential price of 50% discount but with a receiving period of two month, would you like to get your money paid? It seems that there are a large crowd of people will choose this deal, that’s why crowdfunding platform Indiegogo exists.

Many creative watches have raised the funds or exceeded their target on Indiegogo, such as Eoniq Custom Watch, XERIC SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch, Linjer Watch, Hovok Watch, WellyMerck watch. In this article we’d like to show you the 10 creative watches on Indiegogo.

Eoniq Custom Watch

Eonig watch is a group of watchmakers creating custom mechanical watches that are timeless but affordable. Unlike the mass-produced quartz watch that the price is usually $200 on the market, Eoniq watches are handcrafted with a quality Japanese skeleton movement. They let users design their own watch with Eoniq’s app after the campaign that attracted a batch of lovers on this platform. Now there are 14 days left to get over the campaign but they have already raised 499% times of their goal. Get a over-all understanding of Eoniq watches:



Your watch, is a chance to reflect your value of striking design and timeless mechanics, and that is Xeric Soloscope automatic watch bring to life. The Soloscope automatic is mechanical, so the motion of your wrist is all it needs for power, it has a single hand, fusing hours and minutes in a distinctive but simple display balancing function and style. 730,326 USD total funds have been raised by this campaign, without doubt, they have made a huge success. Get a over-all understanding of Eoniq watches:


WellyMerck Super watch

The world’s first thinnest strongest super watch WellyMerck is standing for timeless love. Inspired by desire, conceived with passion, and born with quality, WellyMerck watches represent a modern union of quality and fashion that makes luxury watches affordable for almost everyone. Some shinning points are deserve to have a look, including Sapphire crystal glass, 4 pm more comfortable crown position, interchangeable mesh, leather and nylon strap etc. For fashion and Swiss watch lovers, it’s a good choice. They also raised 689% times of their fund goal, at a number of $70, 936, but still in Indemand process on Indiegogo:


Ferro Airborne – Titanium and Copper Pilot watches

Ferro Airborne Pilot Watches inspired by Vintage Aviation are made with 44 mm Titanium 5 case. These watches feature sapphire crystal and genuine leather straps, and are powered by either Japan Hybrid Mechaquartz (chronograph) or Automatic (non-chronograph) movements that can be relied upon to carry a workload for ages. The watch also comes in copper case for a stronger vintage look. Even though the watches are inspired by vintage aviation, they are 100 meters water proof. $101,524 USD total funds have been raised by this project, view more at


Ferro Watch

Inspired by Sports Cars Tachometers, this elegant, classic timepiece is ready for any occasion. The long lasting romance of sports cars and watches inspired the founder to create this timepiece that reflects the tachometers used in luxury and sports motors,  by having a single hand on a modern dial housed in a classy polished wire lug case.  View more on this project:


Nereid Watch

Eager to offer a new, clean, and creative design would get people to discover or even renew their love for watches, Nereid watch that based from the original marine watches used by sailors to navigate the seas long before GPS was invented. They have raised $85,608 AUD total funds on the crowdfunding platform. View more on this project:


Carbon Watch

Carbon watch is designed to pay homage to the minimalist era of modern design. Free of distractions, the focus is truly in the form and simplicity of the crossover between a classic/modern sports dial – inspired by Carbon Fiber. A general of $57,751 USD total funds have been raised. View more on this project:


Boetti Automatic Watch

Inspired by the 60s era of Mad Men, with a touch of Italian luxury and Swedish craftsmanship,  the world’s first 36mm automatic watch Boetti was presented. Boetti 36mm was fully funded on Kickstarter within a few days and  now opening up for pre-orders with Indiegogo InDemand to give those that missed out a chance to get their own Boetti at a really nice discount. View more on this project:


Linjer Watch

Linjer is a small design studio united by a passion for minimalist design and a belief that things should be made to last. Excited to share the first collection of watches, inspired by the Oslo Opera House and made with top-quality components, Linjer watches come in two different styles and plenty of variants so backers can find their perfect fit. 6438% times of the goal has been funded by this project, view more on


Havok Watch

The Havok Quarter Century Watch is their third watch collection to be created by crowdfunding, raising over 1M in funding combined. The Italian natural leather, Swiss ronda movement, and 316L Stainless Steel are used to build the excessively quality watch. View more on this project:–2/x/15103764#/



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