Six simple, but distinctive watches that you can not miss

What should a simple, but distinctive watch look like? Have you ever owned one? Let’s talk about six nice pieces that you may fall for at first sight.abart.png

As the chief member of SSIH, perfectly combined German Bauhaus style with skilled Swiss craftmanship. The watch is well known by its quality and design.




Emo was created by Denis Guidone – a talented Italy designer. The simplicity of emo watch can totally be a real surprise for you, wearing the watch, you probably will become the focus of ten thousands attention.




Made in Denmark, Bering is accepted by the public for its flat shape, simple line and elegant style. Excellent technique, sophisticated design and innovative materials contributed to its success.




Founded in 2012, TID endowed time new meaning. ‘TID’ is a Swedish word which means ‘time’.



Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares was born in 2009, famous designers Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek united to build up the brand, which is dedicated to classic wristwatches with British style. Uniform Wares adheres to modest luxury, contemporary concept of minimalism and traditional design bring each watch unique aesthetic feeling.




Hailing from 1925, the famous German watch brand LCO gained considerable fame. The company was famous for manufacturing the legendary Pilot watches of the 1940’s under their brand “LACO”. Watches models of the company were DIN certified and famous due to their precision and reliability. This LACO wristwatch can reserve power for 8-10 hours under the sunlight for 10-20 minutes.

To experience the joy of owing a simple, but distinctive watch.

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