To be a fitter, healthier version of you this autumn with a sport watch

Last month, the British watch brand Holly announced its partnership with Liverpool Football Club, the exciting brand would join the LFC family to bring new ways for fans to wear their pride for the Club. For a while, thousands of football fans and watch enthusiasts freaked out, Holly was blasted all over computer news feeds.

Inspired by the splendid history of Liverpool Football Club and its classic mark, Holly created a watch for the real fans.


This lightweight and fun watch features the iconic Liver Bird crest in red on a white dial, to give the red Liver Bird crest more definition there is a Liver Bird shadowed in cool grey adding depth to the dial. The dial is set in a red acrylic case, fastening with a smooth red silicone strap. The perfect watch for any avid Liverpool FC fan.

There is no doubt that the partnership with Liverpool Football Club earned the Holly Watch’s status, meanwhile, eyes are somewhat moved on to sport watches.

Autumn is a season when people love to do outside sport, take a walk, run for a while greatly benefit one’s health. It is wonderful to wear a watch whether you’re running mountain trails or riding waves, you need a high-performance watch that makes your life easier, to help you check your miles. Yes, your fitness went on a quest to find the high-performance sport watches. Now I’ll recommend you another 3 sport watches for your reference.

Nixon Supertide


Featuring a high-res digital display screen, it has sunrise, tide, and sunset data for over 230 beaches worldwide, plus it syncs you up with the motion of the waves—so you know exactly when to catch the best ride.

Fitbit Surge


Be built in GPS for detailed location tracking, it has continuous heart-rate monitoring, as well as the ability to automatically recognize the user’s activity among others. A touchscreen user interface and smartphone notifications are also on board.

Suunto Ambit 3 Sport


The Ambit 3 sport is a line of smart watches by Suunto that incorporates fitness tracking options such as heart rate monitors and step counters. It is a decent all around sports watch. You’ll have access to most of the standard features: Accelerometer, GPS, speed/distance/step tracking, heart rate monitoring (when paired with a heart sensor), recovery monitoring, and sports logging.

You probably have better choice, that’s all right, just depend your fitness interests, find the sports watch that fits your lifestyle. Track your daily activity and your workouts to become a fitter, healthier version of you.

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