Neutral wind in fashion world

In recent years, neutral wind stormed the market. Outside of some traditional prejudice, people now trend to pursue neutral wind, they become more democratic in their clothes-wearing or watch-wearing tastes. It is quite common for women to wear or even prefer clothes or watches, which are traditionally considered to be for men over those specifically designed for women. This intriguing thing not only affected how one looks, but also stands for an unusual, distinctive style.

Ultramodern Unisex Uniforms


Recreational edition type, cute teddy, restore beautiful young time. In the loose, more leisure design, either the boy or the girl looks younger.


Classic black creates a mysterious color, individual character.


Tide men and women. These pieces are cut so far away from the body that one really can’t discern whether or not they were designed for specific anatomy.

Unisex watches

Unisex watches are done indistinctively for men or women, they have not any feature that makes them characteristic for one sex or another, they can be distinguished by size.






Unisex watches inadvertenty stress out men’s firm and persistent character and women’s cool style, they eliminate strict character limit. From the appearance, the simplicity of the design reached the high level of practicability and aesthetics and made them capture a wide range of watch lovers, in addition, highly detailed parts advanced the value.

They say women are more inclined to step into the gender-neutral role, they seem to make up most of that market, yet for men, it is still a challenge, particually in clothes-wearing. Personally, I believe neutral wind still wins commercial opportunities, for modern people are more inclined to challenge conventional ideas.


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