Why Welly Merck can get the raise funds of $68,948 for its project

Hailing from Swiss, the Welly Merck Watch just finished its crowdfunding on Kickstarter, this successful campaign ended with a raise funds of $68,948, exceeding its expectations at the beginning. Why Welly Merck can raise so much money?

The fundamental cause lies in the product itself.

Firstly, the personalized design of the watch is the very first thing that turns watch enthusiasts on. Super thin watch of 6 mm, interchangeable straps, 4 pm position crown, every last detail of the watch represents the fusion of modern elegance and humanization design concept, which provides a positive user experience. What’s more, in dial design, the beauty of succinctness goes along with social trends of today, it also the idealized style sought by many watch lovers, it comes to light that in recent years, fashion and minimalism are gradually occupying a position in the watch market. Comprehensive view, personalized and humanization design leads Welly Merck to gain popularity.

Secondly, quality speaks louder than words. The Welly Merck Watch was constructed with all 316L Stainless Steel, Sapphire Crystal, Italy genuine leather, Swiss Ronda Movement, which are also the materials of international famous watch brand. A watch of good quality creates quality life.

Good applicability is what makes the Welly Merck Watch a difference. Whether you are invited to a posh reception, attending a conference, doing shopping with your friends, enjoying the sunny day on the beach, a Welly Merck Watch is always a faithful partner.

Standing on the side of the backers is also an essential reason. With special emphasis on the backers’ interest, the Welly Merck team gave the first batch of supporters preferential benefits by offering them high-class watches at the lowest possible prices, thereby, trust had been gained. Trust from customers is, was and always will promote and accelerate the development of the Welly Merck Watch.

Last but not the least, the Welly Merck Team got the best out of passion and creativity for their own watch brand. They made endeavor to present the watch with fine and appropriate videos and pictures, meanwhile, positive response to the requirements of backers was made. A professional and responsible team achieved the success of the project.

Without doubt, the shinning points of the Welly Merck Watch are the most important thing that backers were drawn to, but the efforts of the team also propelled the success of the project.



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