Welly Merck with its crowdfunding project on Kickstarter

The Swiss made watch brand, Welly Merck, started with a love story behind the founders Welly and Merck. American boy Merck and Swiss girl Welly got to know each other in a trip to Italy, afterwards they decided to create their a watch brand named “Welly Merck’’ to memorize their own love story.

In May 2015 Welly Merck undertook design concept and held heated discussion with designers to achieve the perfect, in August 2015, they developed research on materials, in October 2015 stated first set of samples, to get the best out of the watch, in March 2016 Welly Merck changed some materials and revised modify design, then ordered second set of samples, finally, a Welly Merck Watch, which is featured individualized interchangeable strap, super thin design, fashion and minimalism emerged. Moreover, the watch was constructed with all 316L Stainless Steel, Italy genuine leather, Sapphire Crystal and Swiss Ronda Movement.


After making appropriate, superior video and official document, Welly Merck prepared the project on kickstarter in July 2016 to provide watch lover with fashion and affordable luxury watch, and in the first 10 days, Welly Merck reached the fund goal of 10,000 dollars. In order to bring benefits to supporters, Welly Merck sold the watch at a price of 99$ on Kickstarter, which is much lower than the price presented on their own website.


     Selling price on Kickstarter2016-09-30_185245
Selling price on official website

So far, the crowdfunding project has carried on Kickstarter for about 2 months, and it is going to be end on September the 30th 2016, it achieved complete success, the raise funds reached 68,948 dollars, which is far beyond the expectation at the beginning, 513 people from all over the world took part in the project. On October, Welly Merck will start new voyage on Indiegogo, do please look forward to!


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