A vintage style or a fashion style

When in comes to watches, some prefer a vintage style, a some keen on a fashion style.

The vintage looking is having a moment in the watch world right now. It is said that the person who really knows watches, only buy vintage style watch, for it is a permanent theme. Hereby, I’ll share several vintage style watches with you.


1. Glashutte large calendar watch in the 1970s

To mark the unforgettable days of the 1970s, Glashutte created the masterpiece.


2. Glashütte Original Sixties: Inspired by the legendary “Spezimatic” watches of the 1960s.


3. Rado DiaStar: The DiaStar was presented in 1962, just five years after Rado was founded. This is its modern equivalent.rado

4. Longines: In recent years, Longines have been keeping on innovating watches, featuring modern pragmatism, meanwhile, vintage style watches have been launched to review the classic, take this classic vintage L2.775.4.23.3 for example.


While in recent years, fashion style watches are emerging in an endless stream, for trendy type, fashion usually top the priority list.


1. Welly Merck Watch: the eye-catching, minimalist watch was released in 2016 to go with the trend of presenting individual lifestyle. You can wear a Welly Merck Watch for a seaside retreat, bath in the sunrise with the watch is a big feast for the eyes. The only limits is your imagination, what your mind envisions, the Welly Merck watch can create.


2. Calvin Klein rise: Inspired by the eternal beauty of the nature, the sophisticated grain on the dial outlined the beauty of horizon.


3. Michael Kors Hartma: Michael Kors is also loved by fashion-addicts, rose red dial and gold case are endowed with new visual effect.



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