How should a man choose a watch to match with his outfit

Nowadays, a watch is no longer a timepiece, especially for men, watch stands for a person’s taste, status, it can increase one’s confidence and temperament. Since men wear limited jewelry, a watch is an expression of their personality. The best wristwatches are simple, versatile, sophisticated and classic. Most men, who pursue fashion, prefer to own more than one watch so they can wear the appropriate timepiece to complement their outfit, even in different occasions. Of course, you can choose a unisex watch to match with your outfit, for example, NEON, LONGINES, RADO, Welly Merck.

In order to wear a watch correctly, you should first know a watch, and be good at selecting it and pay more attention to the style, shape, color, function and design of a watch. Hereby we’d like to share some necessary tips about how to pick out the suitable watch for yourself.

Owning a dress watch, which represents generosity and elegance at work is of vital importance, on formal occasion, you have to refuse colorful watches. Take the Welly Merck Classic Bern BR watch for example, it is very suitable for matching with formal suit, a super thin watch may help you avoid the embarrassment when the watch is blocked on the cuff. With the Bern BR watch, you can speak frankly and freely in business. Black mesh strap with black round dial ensure you a modest luxury, uncommon taste and impressive appearance. The limited edition caseback have a value of collection. Don’t miss this nice and fashionable watch.

bern-brIt’s important to keep the decent appearance at a high-grade business meeting. Despite the plain design, Classic Basel WB watch features unique match in details. Pure white dial is clean, elegant silver hands match with silver case and silver mesh strap, concise, sensible, deep, fashion style with a minimalism has the power to reach your heart. Wear the watch to match with suit and plain shirt, classic leather shoes is a wonderful thing.

2016-09-14_144113If you do not like black or white watch, I’d like to introduce you one watch with a blue dial, Classic Madrid SLW watch, deep blue represents fashion and generosity, silver case and blue dial bring out the best in each other, adding the wearer’s nobleness. Whatever match the watch with a suit or casual clothing, the sense of elegance will be improved greatly.



Then, when exercising outdoors, change to a more rugged watch that goes with your sports gear, a dynamic watch or a watch in big size is a nice choice. Besides, one’s figure often decides his temperament, so when choosing a watch, you should also consider your figure. Tall men tend to select a watch with big dial, and thin men should wear featheredged timepiece. Generally speaking, occasional big watch can strengthen one’s manhood, while a small one makes a man look modest and restrained.

Owning a suitable watch, you can match your watch with your clothes according to the color, style, value of the watch. If you have better ideas about how to match a watch with outfit, share it with us below!

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