Discovering New Age of Fashion with the Welly Merck Watch

If you are a watch lover, you have probably noticed that most watches reviewed tend to be on the more complicated side — chronographs, world timers, even a mechanical alarm — not by chance, since a watch that allows you some additional features to play with often makes for a more engaging experience, not to mention more criteria on which to judge it.

I was suggested to spend some time with a simple, elegant new timepiece, the Welly Merck watch, which references the past and yet delivers a timeless quality with its accomplished design, Welly Merck is presenting two models watches, featuring women style and men style. The are the first models from the Welly Merck family to feature this elegant hue. Its aesthetics, Swiss Ronda762 movement, Minimalist Two hands, 4pm position crown, Super thin, Easy change strap and Sapphire crystal are worthy of praise. So, let’s have a glance at this timelessly elegant watch.


                                                            A one-of-a-kind work of art

The case

The gold case measures a modest but contemporary size, would-be buyers are indulged with an array of case sizes to choose from including 42mm, 36mm. It has a slim(6mm), stepped bezel surrounding the slightly  sapphire crystal. The case features a wonderful marriage of satin finished and polished stainless steel surfaces. The bezel is satin finished adjacent the sapphire crystal and polished above the case band.


The limited edition case back is solid and simply marked with the company name, the origin of movement, the material of glass and case, grade of waterproof.


The dial

The dial measures 38mm/ 34mm in diameter. The blue dial is wonderfully dark with its depth accentuated by the lacquered finish. The abyss-like quality is augmented with silver colored hour marks. Another goal for the designers was minimalism. To accomplish this, they reduce the traditional number of components, only made two hands.


The crown

The crown engraved on its head with the Welly Merck logo, is grooved and suitably small, though chunkier fingers might have some trouble grasping the crown to wind it. The biggest splash is that the crown is located at 4pm position, featuring humanized design, giving the wearer a comfortable experience.


The above statement brings us to the other side of the watch, from the elegance outside to the technical mysterious inside.

The movement

The watch world is full to the brim with industry terms and jargon, but there is one phrase in particular we think you should not overlook: movement.

While many people buy watches solely for their exterior, anyone with a real eye for design will know it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Movement is regarded as the heart and brains of a timekeeping device. All Welly Merck models contain the Swiss Quartz Ronda 762 Movement, save for the 36mm/38mm diameter version. The movement features repairable metal watch movement; Very long battery life; Power saving mechanism with pulled out stem; Many high hand heights available.


The strap

The simple, logo-engraved buckle is made of stainless steel, completing the package and fastening the watch, with its shiny silver alligator, to the wrist.


Interchangeable strap

One of the bright spots of the watches is our innovative interchangeable strap mechanism that makes it easy to swap straps on a daily basis, you can change the strap for a new look without any tools. With one dial and two straps in hand, you will get two possibilities.


Technical Specification

*Case: diameter 42/36mm, 6mm thickness; stainless steel 316L; water resistant to 3ATM; sapphire crystal.

* Dial diameter: 38/34mm

* Lug width: 20/18mm

* Movement: Swiss Ronda 762

So what is there to say about this proudly and uncomplicated timepiece, which looks great and to tell time as legibly and accurately as possible. Welly Merck drew admiring looks from watch lovers and casual observers alike, it was legible and precise in its timekeeping mission,  never too heavy or too tight on the wrist, all these collaborate to make Welly Merck watch a work of art.

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